Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free Simpoints

Download below, over 1000+ Free SimPoints Codes

Codes Compiles in a .txt File

100% Working and Safe - Updated Daily

Virus Total Included Below

Not a hack or glitch simply Free Simpoint Codes

.txt file with simpoints codes

Virus Total Results

If you still can't download, read this!
Ok, so the file is protected by a survey. Yeah, that sucks but we can't provide our hacks on mediafire because once the hack becomes public, it will be analyzed and in 2-3 days it will become unusable. So, you just have to complete a simple survey and your download will start automatically.

Some countries have easier survey, some have harder ones but the most of them are free.
1.Pick a survey(scroll over to see what you have to do in order to complete)
2.Complete the survey with the details asked then submit.
3. Wait 5-10 seconds. The download will start automatically.